Your Guide to Protecting Your Home from Storm Damage

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Protecting Your Home from Storm Damage   Storm damage can affect any building, even the strongest, best-kept ones, but that doesn’t mean that homeowners cannot do anything to protect their buildings against storms.  Here are some preventative measures that will help your building fare better:  - Repair any small fault that you detect – whenever you

Hail Now or Later?

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The Importance and Necessity of Getting Hail Damage Repaired Immediately   Whether you own a large commercial roof or a quaint and simple residential roof, hail damage can be very crucial to tackle sooner rather than later.  Over time, hail damage can lead to your entire roofing system being compromised and leaks affecting your interior walls,

Tips for Repelling Animals Who Might Damage Your Roof During Fall

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Roofs are excellent dwelling places for critters – there are many animals, mostly insects, rodents and birds, that look at roofs as potential shelter. As cold weather approaches, most of these creatures start looking for a suitable, warm and dry home where they could spend the winter, so fall is the period when roof owners

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