Commercial Roofing

How can your new commercial roof save your business money?

When repairing or replacing your commercial roof keep in mind that your flat commercial roof is a heat sink.

By installing a fully reflective Cap Sheet you can keep your building cool and drive your energy costs down and save money on overhead.

Also keep in mind the fact that if you are replacing your commercial roof due to storm damage and in accordance with an insurance claim, your insurance company owes you for building code upgrades.

New enhanced rigid insulation must be installed to comply with current building codes.

Commercial Roofing

A new enhanced rigid insulation board along with a reflective Cap Sheet can cut energy expenditures by 25% Dash 30% on a yearly basis.

TPO and PVC are your best options for reflective EnergyStar compliant Cap Sheets.

On commercial buildings with sloped roofs – – Standing Seam Steel Roofs are in and of themselves radiant barrier and are fully solar reflective and EnergyStar compliant.

Investing in your new roof will save you substantial energy costs and can also save insurance premium costs on a yearly basis.

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