High-Quality Roofing Repair and Storm Damage Repair

Your home is your castle, and it’s where you rest your head when you go to sleep. Without a good roof over your head, your home is going to become prone to major leaks, serious interior damage, and quite possibly even structural problems that can pose a major risk to you, your family, and your property. Any homeowner who really cares about maintaining their home, as well as maintaining the safety of the people inside of it, will do whatever they can to make sure that their home’s roof is in ship shape.


Roofing contractors in DallasMany homeowners who are looking to flip their home or just even increase their home’s value will contact a local roofing company to replace their current roof. A brand new roof has been known to add thousands of dollars in value for standard real estate – especially if it is a roof that has stylish new shingles that really add to the overall look of a home. Homebuyers are also more likely to buy a home with a brand new roof, simply because it’s a guarantee that they will not need to pay for roofing repairs once they move in. This is often the reason why families want to know of a decent roofing company in their area.


Even if you have a roof that looks great and is not looking to replace it anytime soon, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t know of a reliable roofing company in your area. A good roof, assuming regular wear and tear, can easily last dozens of years without a homeowner having to do too much maintenance. Even so, a roof that has had enough wear and tear will occasionally need replaced shingles, or even something as simple as patching up a leak. Should your roof need light maintenance, it’s best to call a quality roofing repair company like ours to make sure that your roofing needs do not become major repair needs later on.


Of course, there are also other reasons why you may need to have a quality roofing company on your phone’s speed dial. Major storms can easily cause damage to even the sturdiest of roofing, and if left unchecked, can cause problems in your home to multiply. Should your home be in the path of a recent tornado, recent storms, or even a recent hail storm or major snowstorm, it’s important to call roofers that offer high-quality storm damage repair and hail repair to assess the situation and fix things before it’s too late.


Whether you need a brand new roof, a major fix up, or even just a couple of shingles to be tacked onto your rooftop, it’s crucial to find a company that has the skills, the tools, and the integrity to give you a great job. A low-quality roofing repair job, or worse, a roof that isn’t well-installed, will almost certainly require replacement or repair in the near future. By hiring an inept roofing company, you’re basically guaranteeing yourself a ton of headaches in the future.


Unfortunately, not all roofing companies in the area have that much experience, and those who do often will charge an arm and a leg based on their reputation alone. Sadly, there tends to be a common belief among roofing and roofing repair companies that a great reputation and decent work means that they can price gouge customers.


This is not how we operate!

Our company is dedicated to helping families and business owners get their roofing repair needs met at a price that allows them to continue life without feeling a massive punch to their purse. Why? Because we believe that quality roofing repair should not cost people the quality of their lives, and because we believe it’s wrong to overcharge. We make an effort to make sure that the job is done perfectly the first time around, using top of the line materials, and by having one of the best roofing teams in the state. You should never have to sacrifice excellent quality roofing in order to get an amazing price!


Whether you’re a homeowner who is looking to get a great deal on a brand new roof, or a family who simply wants to patch up their roof after a major storm, give us a call. We will make sure that you will get the best possible help as soon as possible, and asking for a consultation is absolutely free. As one of the best roofing companies in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, we know that we will be able to provide you the answers you need, the roofing repair your roof needs, and a price that will make everyone feel great about your repair. Don’t wait until your roof becomes a leaky mess – call us today!


Shingle Roofing

Autograph Construction Roofing has partnered with the top manufacturers, to provide you with industry-standard shingles that includes a warranty and is backed by names you know and trust. The quality of our materials and workmanship allow us to offer extended warranty options that are only available through Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractors, such as Autograph Roofing. Texas residents know that their roof must be strong enough to meet High wind standards set by the Texas Building Code.


Shingle roof installations by Autograph Construction Roofing is guaranteed. Ask about our extended warranty for up to 15 years of leak protection. Autograph Construction & Roofing is trained and qualified to provide shingle roof repair and installation for all brands of shingles distributed in the state of Texas. As an Autograph Roofing customer, you can be assured that all of your questions will be answered, all options discussed, and only premium quality materials will be used on your home.


Tile Roofs

Autograph Construction Roofing is one of the leading tile roof companies in the North Texas area. We only offer our customers the highest quality Eagle roof tiles. Tile has been used as a roofing material for thousands of years due to its durability and beauty. A tile roof installation not only adds to the overall aesthetic but also increases the value of your home. We offer a variety of colors in glazed or matte finishes. If you prefer, a mixture of colors can be used to create a blended effect on your roof. A choice of Spanish S, Royal, or Barrel-shaped roof tiles is available to perfectly complement your home’s design. Autograph Construction Roofing is equipped to handle any tile roof repair. Our professional team is fully licensed and insured and has all the experience needed to skillfully install your new tile roof. Ask us about our 20-year guarantee on tile roofs. With our warranty, if your roof leaks within 20 years, we will provide a tile roof repair within 24 hours at no charge to you.


Certified as the Best roofer

We are a Platinum Preferred Contractor through Owens Corning, their highest recommended status. platinum-badgeOwens Corning™ Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractors are the top tier of a premier network of roofing professionals chosen specifically based on their commitment to service, reliability and unparalleled craftsmanship. They are the only contractors who can offer the Owens Corning™ System Advantage® Platinum Roofing Limited Warranty, which not only provides our strongest coverage, it also covers workmanship for life (as long as you own your home).