How Your Roof Can Help Keep the Heat in This Winter

Your Roof Can Help Keep the Heat in This Winter

The roof is an important factor that determines the overall energy-efficiency of any building, especially in winter, when the air in your interior spaces that you have warmed with so much cost rises and is either kept in by an efficient, properly insulated and intact roof or it slips out through an inefficient roof.

Energy efficiency in winter

Here is how your roof can influence your building’s energy efficiency in winter: – The roofing material – the materials that make more efficient thermal barriers in themselves will insulate your home better and will keep more heat inside the building.

maintaining the temperature

Thermal barriers

Slate, clay and cement tiles form excellent thermal barriers, while the smooth surface of metal roofing panels makes it easier for snow to slide off; – The insulation – the thermal-efficiency of any roofing material can be improved with insulation of the right type and of the right thickness installed in the attic area or underneath the roof.

Maintaining the temperature

Proper attic floor insulation will allow the warm air from inside your rooms to rise only to the ceiling. Therefore it is essential for maintaining the temperature inside your room stable and comfortable without requiring you to turn your heaters to the maximum and to keep then on high all the time.

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