How do insurance deductibles work and how do they affect YOU — the policyholder

  • Deductibles are the portion of your insurance claim which your insurance company allocates to you, the homeowner and policyholder, as your responsibility.
  • A new Texas law – HB2102 requires that all property owners pay their deductible to their contractor.


Deductible laws and hearsay have been a source of confusion in the contracting world for years.

  • To protect yourself as a policyholder make sure that you hire a local contractor who knows Texas deductible laws.
  • Also, make sure that your contractor is familiar with and has experience processing insurance claims with your specific insurance carrier.
  • It is also advisable to hire a local contractor who is NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY INSURANCE CARRIERS SPECIFICALLY.
  • Hiring independent contractors are the best way to make sure that your contractor will have your best interest in mind as the homeowner and the policyholder.



A local contractor should have experience recovering depreciation and processing insurance claims and should make the process easy and efficient and painless for you – the homeowner and policyholder.

Autograph Construction has a combined 110 years of insurance claim processing experience as an INDEPENDENT General Contractor.