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Getting the Most Bang for Your Renovations and Remodeling Buck

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that bathroom and kitchen renovations will always end up costing a pretty penny. Whether it’s a home improvement project as simple as installing new cabinetry, or a project as big as a total bathroom overhaul with plumbing, getting great work at a reasonable price always seems to be a hassle. Truth be told that most home improvement projects, as well as most renovations, do require a certain level of investment if you want to enjoy a beautiful home that will remain beautiful as the years pass. Here are some of the things that you should always choose to splurge on when getting great kitchen remodeling work, bathroom improvement work, or home renovations of any sort.

photo 2The materials that will be used in your home should not be made cheaply.
It doesn’t take an eye that’s too trained to see when a home has been renovated with cheaply made materials. Poor quality materials not only tend to wear and tear more quickly, but also tend to look awful from the get-go. If you want your home renovations to look great for years, and if you want your home to actually be durable, then you need quality materials in your renovation project.

Cheap design work will also look cheap.
If you’re going for a full remodeling project, you need to make sure that the person who is designing your roof, kitchen, or bathroom is capable and has a decent portfolio to show of their work. It’s better to pay for a talented designer than to scrimp and deal with a nightmarish kitchen. And, the larger the project in question is, the more necessary it is for a homeowner to find a top of the line designer or architect to help them put together a beautiful vision.

You want to spend extra cash on a remodeling company that is licensed and bonded.
This is a classic mistake that many thrifty homeowners make, and it’s one that can cost you a lot more than just money. Getting services from a company that is unlicensed and not bonded by insurance means that any mistakes they make will have to be fixed on YOUR dime. In many cases, unlicensed contractors will actually start a project, do half the work, and just bail as soon as you give them the rest of the money they asked for. This leaves you with a majorly damaged home, and if you are foolish enough to hire unlicensed roofers, a potentially unlivable home – along with all the expenses that you will have to cover to fix that mess.

You also should spend money on getting a renovation company that is known for quality work, dedication to a great job, and their excellent level of customer service.
There is definitely something to be said about how much easier going through renovations is when you are dealing with a talented company that has a high level of integrity. A good renovation team will not only do the job well, but also do it on time.

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Avoid companies that seem too cheap, simply because they might not be honest.
It’s better to go for a company that has a reputation for honesty but has average prices than to go to a company that is dirt cheap. Going with a company known for honest dealings with customers has a lot of perks. They will not sit there and lie to you about how much a kitchen renovation or bathroom remodeling project will cost just to get you to sign documents. They also will not lie to you about how much it typically costs, nor will they try to slip hidden fees into their bill. These are all major sticking points that every homeowner should be aware of.

Don’t be afraid to shop around, especially if the renovation company you spoke to is giving you a high pressure sales pitch.
As a consumer, it’s your right to find a company that you feel comfortable dealing with. A company that is giving you too hard a sales pitch, or telling you to avoid shopping around is a company that is clearly hiding one of three things. They are either hiding the fact that they are the most expensive company in town, or they are hiding the fact that they are not really skilled at the work they do. They also could be hiding the fact that they are generally unscrupulous in their dealings. Either way, it is in your best interest to shop around and find the most capable or affordable people to do your home improvement work. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise!

Even though great work is something that you should invest in, the truth of the matter is that it should never break the bank.
There is a difference between making a reasonable investment, and being price gouged under the guise of a reasonable investment. Many construction companies either don’t know the difference, or believe that it’s perfectly acceptable to price gouge customers who just want to have their home remodeling projects done well. Learn the average prices for materials and labor for your home improvement project, and understand that you should never have to pay way more than that.

Great home improvement projects always begin with homeowners calling up the right people, and asking for their help. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a massive undertaking, or a small project that only takes a day to finish – the company that you choose will have a major impact on the overall outcome of the remodeling work as well as the experience that you have during the job. If you want to make sure that your home will look stunning once the project is done, make sure that you call the best contractors in town. They will not only give you a great price, but also do exactly what they promise they’ll do, in the time they said they’d do it.


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