If your insurance carrier denies your claim do you have any options

If your insurance carrier denies your claim do you have any options?

Yes, you do!

Claim denials are not always just flat out denials.

Often claim denials come in the form of deficient adjuster estimates or loss reports.

The insurance company is not your friend – they are a business.

Negotiating and arguing with your insurance company can be a risky proposition.

When your insurance company does not clearly pay your claim you have options as a policyholder.

After consulting with your local roofing contractor these are the steps to take—>

Step 1 – Mobilize a Public Adjuster.

Autograph Construction Teams with local licensed Texas Public Adjusters

Public Adjusters can argue damage & policy.

Public Adjusters are licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance.

Public Adjusters work for you – the policyholder.

The Public Adjuster flights FOR YOU and has YOUR best interest in mind and goes to bat FOR YOU with your carrier.

Your insurance claim is a business negotiation.

Your best bet it to line up the best negotiator possible — often times that is a licensed Public Adjuster.

Step 2 – Mobilize an Appraiser.

The appraisal process is a much longer process and more time-consuming but is also an effective process.

It is recommended that appraisal is sought after the adjuster has deemed that they will be unable to adequately settle a claim.

Contact us today to discuss your claim & the best approach to getting that claim paid fairly.

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