Roofs are excellent dwelling places for critters – there are many animals, mostly insects, rodents and birds, that look at roofs as potential shelter.

As cold weather approaches, most of these creatures start looking for a suitable, warm and dry home where they could spend the winter, so fall is the period when roof owners need to pay special attention to preventing animal invasions.

Here are some safe repelling technics for protecting your roof as well as the critters:

  • Trim the trees around the roof – trees give home to many creatures, such as squirrels and birds who might eventually move into your attic when it gets cold. Removing the large branches that overhang the roof might just solve the issue.
  • Clean the gutters often – gutters are great places for nests, so make sure to inspect and clean the pipes every couple of weeks in fall.
  • Check the chimneys and install caps – these structures are also frequent dwelling places for critters, so check them and install chimney caps to prevent their access.
  • Check the attic – another favorite dwelling place for bats, birds and insects, the attic needs to be checked and cleaned regularly.
  • Seal entry points – try to evacuate your unwanted visitors safely, then seal any cracks and holes through which they could come back.

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