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Protecting Your Home from Storm Damage 

 Storm damage can affect any building, even the strongest, best-kept ones, but that doesn’t mean that homeowners cannot do anything to protect their buildings against storms. 

Here are some preventative measures that will help your building fare better: 

– Repair any small fault that you detect – whenever you notice even the tiniest indicator of damage on your building or on your property, remedy the fault quickly, before the next storm hits. Check your roof, your gutters, your siding, and your fence after each storm. Refasten any loose component and replace missing or damaged components, such as damaged shingles, cracked or chipped tiles, torn-off gutters; – Ensure that your windows and doors seal properly – regularly inspect the areas around the openings to detect and cracks or holes that should not be there, then fix the cracks with some caulk; – Take care of your trees – large trees are great to have around the home, but strong storms may tear large tree limbs and drop them on your building, on your vehicles or on your neighbor’s property, what’s more, falling tree limbs are dangerous for your family members as well. Perform regular inspections of your trees and cut off the limbs and branches that seem old or are no longer healthy to prevent such dangerous situations.

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